FL-Logo-Cinthia Tm logoFlorida Victory Outreach Center is a Non-profit organization that assist our community with a variety of different services.

Through our collaboration with other organizations we are able to support and assist families who are less fortunate and in need of food, health care, clothing and legal documentation.

When certain situations require legal representation, we collaborate with several law firms who provide legal services at a cost efficient rate.


Naturalization , Citizenship , residence , Adjustment of Status , Deportation , Work Permits , Family Petitions Political Asylum Visa Business and Investor , Consular Processing , Dream Act.

Family Petitions :

Paternity, Child Support , Custody & Visitation , in agreement and disagreement divorce , name change .

Expunge Record / Seal the Record :

Have you been arrested in Florida, but were never adjudicated guilty of a crime?

Are you tired of a mistake haunting you on job applications and background checks?

If you answered yes to these questions, there is hope. Florida law provides that certain criminal arrest records stemming from a single arrest or incident may be either sealed or expunged, which means you can deny the record exists in all but a few instances, and it will not show up on most background checks.

Our goal is to continue making a difference in our community, by strengthening families and giving them the opportunity to make a successful transition back to a working society.